The Dashboard

The Dashboard is where your Admins and Finance users monitor your payment status and account health. 

It consists of 3 sections:

  • Account balances
  • Wallet statistics 
  • Application and Spend overview

Continue below to see the breakdown of what each section does!

Account balances

This is where you can check the total funds you have in your account as well as those that are already committed towards future payments and the remaining amount available.


Click here to learn how to interpret these numbers further.

If you have created wallets for multiple currencies, here is also where you can switch between your GBP and EUR wallets.

Click  Screenshot (4).png to open the dropdown and select the wallet. You will be brought to the Dashboard dedicated to the selected currency.

Wallet statistics

Here you see 4 main numbers for your selected wallet:

Screenshot (2).png

  • Applications

    The number of active applications in this wallet.

  • Total spend this month

    The total amount of spending in the current natural month.

  • Expected spend

    The amount of spending expected for the current natural month. In other words, if you want to know how much more you are going to spend until the end of month, you can do so by subtracting the Total spend from the Expected spend.

    The Expected spend generates its estimate based on the budget you have set for all past and upcoming payments in the month. The calculation is a complex algorithm using the spending data from previous months to detect patterns in order to give an idea of what your expected spend is likely to be throughout the month.

  • Rewards earned

    The amount of reward points you have earned but not yet claimed. Note that you can start claiming the rewards 30 days after the transaction date, and you have one year to claim them before they expire. More info can be found here.

Application and Spend overview

This section is made up of 4 boxes that give you quick status report for your payments and applications:

Screenshot (3).png

Applications Recently Spend Analysis Spend Breakdown

In Applications > Upcoming, you can check the upcoming payments expected that day, as well as those scheduled in the following 14 days:

Screenshot (5).png

In the same box, you also see Applications > Failed, which shows you the list of unresolved failed payments:

Screenshot (6).png

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