Claim your rewards

To claim your rewards earned you will have to go to your account settings.

You can access them by pressing on your profile in the upper right corner, or the settings wheel icon in the bottom left of your screen.

Then go to Settings > Workspace Settings > Rewards.

Whenever you want and have some points accumulated in either of your accounts use the "claim points" button and thus you will send a request to have those points converted into new funds!

1 point is worth £0.01 or €0.01, depending on the currency of your Cledara Account.

There is no limit on how often you can claim your points, weekly if you wish but we recommend holding on for a bit so the reward feels larger. 

Note that points may be redeemed for cash in the currency they were originally spent as.

Points are redeemable 30 days after the original purchase.

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