What is approval flow?

With approval flow, only team managers and admins will be able to create new virtual cards and approve budget changes.

Therefore, regular users who are set as team members will be able to set up a new app, yet if it involves a payment, a request will be sent to their team manager and admins so they can approve the budget. 

To turn on Approval flows go to Settings > Workspace Settings > Preferences:

Before activating the approval flow, we recommend setting up teams and assigning each person the correct role.  

Let's see it in action: 

Looking for a more complex approval flow that adapts to your company's multi-level structure? Look no further!

We are constantly improving our approval processes, so reach out to us at support@cledara.com and ask about our Dual Approval feature!

Upon turning this feature on, you will be able to select who the second approver should be. They will approve new applications and budget changes after the team manager has done so.


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