Set team budget

To enable your teams to manage their software stack while keeping financial control, the Team budget section within each team's profile allows Admins and Team Managers to set up the budget for their teams.

The Team budget section is situated under the Team stack section, with an Edit button on the right to set up either a yearly or monthly budget for the previous and current year:


Yearly budget

If you enter a total amount into the Yearly budget, it will be automatically broken down into monthly budgets:

Screenshot (3).png

Monthly budget

Conversely, if you enter individual Monthly budgets per month, it will be automatically aggregated into a yearly budget:

Screenshot (4).png

Note that if you choose to enter individual monthly budgets, each value has to be more than 0.

If your team is new, or for any other reason does not have a budget in certain months, you can either set up a yearly budget instead, or add a placeholder value such as '1' in the months that otherwise would not have a budget.

Multiple wallets

If your workspace uses both EUR and GBP, you can set individual team budgets for each currency by switching between wallets at the top left of the page.

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