Compare team budget and spend

Once your team budget is set, comparing it against your actual spending becomes a breeze.

In each Team profile

Admins, Finance users, Team Managers can see if your teams are spending within budget with just one glance:

Screenshot 2024-01-22 at 17.21.52.pngScreenshot 2024-01-22 at 17.22.02.png

Hovering on the Actual spend percentage bar will give you the sum of spend by applications, ordered by decreasing spend amount.

Directly below the Team budget section, you will also have the Historical spend chart, now with a dotted budget line against the actual spend bars over the last 12 months:

Screenshot (6).png

In the Reports tab

Reports is available in our Premium and Pro plans.

At the top of the Reports tab, you will see a new graph called Budgets vs actual spend (%) by team to give you a centralised view of your company's total software budget and spending per team:

Screenshot (7).png

Within the section, you can filter by teams to conduct more isolated analysis.

If there are teams that don't have their budget set yet, you will also see an Add team budgets button to navigate to their team profile.

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