Add a new application

To add a new application, go to Applications > Add new application. A new form will appear for you to set up the application for your SaaS vendor.

Application details


Name Reason Choose Team This is a free service
You can select the vendor from the dropdown, add a new vendor, or customise the name of the application in whichever way you prefer.

Budget details


Budget amount Payment frequency Payment methods Budget types

By default, the budget currency is the same as the account you are in, which is either GBP or EUR.

You can set the Budget amount in most currencies supported by Mastercard or Visa.

If you select a foreign currency as your budget amount, you will see the converted amount based on Mastercard or Visa's conversion rate that day further down the page.

That includes a default 20% safety buffer to make sure that your payment is not affected by exchange rate fluctuation, and it will be the amount we top up your card with automatically.

Everything looks good?

Then click on Add application at the bottom of the page.


If Approval flow is enabled, it will be sent to the admins and your team manager for approval.

Otherwise, the application will be automatically created and so will the virtual card (if applicable).

Once your request is approved or the app is created, you can check the details of the virtual card by accessing the application in the Applications tab and using the View card details button.


With those details in hand, you can now go to the application provider and change the card payment details to the newly created card.

From now on, the charge for the application will be made to this card, and you will be able to monitor the expense and easily deactivate the card if necessary.

Step-by-step guide to add a new application

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