Invite a new user

To invite new users to your Cledara workspace, Admins can go to Settings > Workspace Settings > Members, and click on Invite members.

A window will pop-up, where you will be able to send an invitation via email to new users:


You can add up to 100 users in bulk by adding commas between the emails, or import users directly from your company's Google workspace.

Once the invitation has been sent, you can check if it has been accepted in the members' list below:


If the user status is Pending, it means they have not accepted the invite.

If the user status is Active, it means they have accepted the invite. They now have access to your workspace.

Next step: Assigning teams and roles

Even before the new users accept the invitation, you can already assign them a team and set them as either a member or a manager in Edit > Edit teams.

Once the member has accepted the invitation, you will be able to set their role in Edit > Edit Role.


Expired link

If the invitation has expired, you can resend or withdraw the invite through the Edit button:


"Sorry, it seems that there has been an error"

If the user follows the link to log in and finds this error message, chances are they have accepted the invite link previously, and they are now trying to use the same (now expired) link to access Cledara.

Kindly ask them to access Cledara directly via They will have no trouble completing the sign-up process and entering the workspace.

Directed to create a new workspace

Your team has to join your workspace through a specific link that is included in the initial invite email:

Screenshot (5).png

If your user is directed to create a new workspace, it is likely that they have used a different link to access Cledara. Please direct the user to the above email and click Join now! to access your existing company account.

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