Change the Primary Contact

The Primary contact has full access and control of your Cledara account. They are the company representative we reach out to verify financial and legal information, and to execute workspace-wide requests. 

It is hence essential to notify us when the Primary contact changes hands.

The Primary contact has the responsibility to reach out to Cledara Support before they step down from the role or leave the company.

We will assist in passing the role of the Primary contact to another Admin in your workspace.

If the Primary contact already left

Since the Primary contact holds authority over your Cledara account and sensitive financial information, a more strenuous protocol is in place when it comes to changing the Primary contact if they have already left the company before removing themselves from Cledara.

There are 2 ways to set a new primary contact in your workspace:

1. Provide us with a letter signed by your CEO

The letter should include the following information:

  • Name of the new primary contact
  • Email of the new primary contact
  • Phone number of the new primary contact
  • A copy of the CEO's passport photo page

Reach out to for a letter template.

2. Put us in a 5-min verification call with your CEO

During this call, a member of our support team will verify your CEO's identity with their ID and confirm the requested change to set a new primary contact.

To initiate either of these options, you will need to contact and we will assist in either of the processes to ensure the new primary contact is set.

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