User roles and permissions

There are three different roles that a user can have at Cledara. Each role has its own set of capabilities, let’s see them: 

User: This role is best for almost all employees. A regular user is a team member that can:

  • See all the subscriptions in a company
  • Request new subscriptions
  • Access the details of subscriptions they create, including the virtual card used for that subscription, but not others.
  • They have no visibility of the dashboard or settings.

A user can be set as a team member or team manager. This will help if you set approval flows as team managers will be able to approve new applications requests and changes requested by members of the team they manage.

Finance: A finance member's capabilities are between the user and admin; they have visibility over everything but cannot approve new apps, changes or make major account modifications. 

They have:

  • Regular user capabilities
  • Premium view rights: may see all the data in the platform

Admin: Admins have access to all the above functionalities and capabilities plus admin privileges, which include:

  • Invitation rights: can add and eliminate regular users in the platform
  • Permission rights: can approve purchases and budget changes requests
  • Premium view rights: may see all data in the platform

If an admin ever needs to reach out to us, we will be able to handle all requests as he has the greatest level of access, whilst a user or a finance member might need an admin’s approval for certain requests.

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