Offboard a user

If you need to remove an employee's access to your workspace, there are a few steps Admins should follow to ensure that their departure doesn't create any security or ownership issues.

Here's what you need to do:

1. Disable the user

You can disable a user by navigating to Settings > Workspace Settings > Members. Find the user in question and click Edit. From there, select Disable to revoke their access.

2. Change application ownership

If the user was the owner of any applications, you'll need to replace them with an active user to ensure all relevant notifications are sent to the new person-in-charge.

You can see which applications the user owns by going to Settings > Workspace Settings > Members, clicking on the user, and looking under their name.

Clicking on the number of applications they own will take you to the Applications tab, where you can see the list of applications they own.

To change the owner, go into the application on Cledara and select Edit next to subscription details. From there, you can select the new user to be the owner of the application.

Screenshot (2).png

Only the Primary Contact has the right to disable an Admin user.

If the user is the Primary contact, you will need to reach out to Cledara support at for assistance.

By following these steps, you can ensure that your workspace remains secure and ownership of applications is properly maintained.

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