Top up my Cledara account

In order to top up your Cledara account, you will firstly need to retrieve the details needed to execute the transfer.

For that, log in to Cledara, and then go to the Dashboard tab.

On the “Spend Analysis” box press the "Top up" button.


A new window will open showing the account details that you will need to execute the transfer of funds to your Cledara account:

Account name, Account number, Sort code, SWIFT/BIC, IBAN and Bank name

With those details in hand, you are set to arrange a transfer from your bank to top up your Cledara account.

Wanna see it in action? Here you have a brief video:

If you haven't topped up your Cledara account before, your account details will appear in the Dashboard tab, in the first box where it says "Transfer funds to your Cledara account".




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