Top up your Cledara account

To get started with Cledara, you will first need to top up your account by arranging a bank transfer.

Through Dashboard > Spend Analysis > Projected account balance, you will find the Top up button:


A new window will pop up showing the account details that you will need to transfer funds to your new Cledara account.


From your GBP account, you will see:

  • Account name
  • Account number
  • Sort code
  • SWIFT code / BIC
  • IBAN
  • Bank name

With these details in hand, simply log in to your online bank and arrange a transfer to your Cledara account. 

What are the beneficiary's name and address?

Your Cledara account is opened under your company's name. By topping up your Cledara account, you are transferring funds from one of your company's accounts to another.

Thus, the beneficiary's name and address should be those of your company.

What currency should the transfer be in?

The currency you send should match that of your account. For example, if you are topping up your GBP balance, you will need to send money in GBP. If you are topping your EUR account, you will have send it in EUR.

If the transfer is sent in the wrong currency, it will be returned.

What happens if the wrong BIC is used?

It is important to note that SEPA and SWIFT use different BICs. If the wrong BIC is used, your money will not be able to find its way to your account.

In these situations, please contact your bank to call back the transfer and arrange a new one.

Pro tip: To further automate the process, you can arrange a standing order from your bank to regularly send funds to your Cledara account. 

Here's a quick video to show you how to top up your Cledara account:




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