Team managers and members

Team managers

Team managers are the Admin users for their own teams. They can:

  • act as the first-level approver if the Approval flow is turned on
  • access the budget information of all the apps that are under their teams, including the card details
  • assign and remove members from their teams

Team members

Being a team member does not add additional privileges to the user, however, they can be Admin or Finance users independently, which gives them rights across the platform.

If they do not own any app, they will only see the Applications tab, and brief information for each application created in the workspace, without any budget details.

Why assign managers and members to your teams?

Send approval requests to the right person

If you have Approval flow on, the managers of the team under which the application is assigned will be notified to approve the app. 

Manage everyone's access based on their team

By adding users into your team, you can account for the software stack that each user has. When it comes to onboarding and offboarding employees, the list of applications they need to have access granted or removed is automatically generated based on the teams they are in.

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