Remove an application

To remove an application that has been added to your stack in Cledara, the Admins, Team Manager, or the Application Owner have two options to choose from:

  • Disable the application: a reversible action
  • Delete the application: a permanent irreversible action

Disable an application

To disable an application and the cards created for it:

  1. From the Applications tab, select the application you no longer use.

  2. Click on Disable at the top right of the application:

    Screenshot (1).png

  3. Click Confirm. All main and supplementary cards will be disabled automatically. If the application has a fixed budget, the Application balance will be flushed to the main pool.

  4. This is a reversible action. From here, you have the option either to reactivate the application by clicking Enable or permanently close the application by clicking Delete.

Delete an application

Before you irreversibly close an application, note that:

  • a deleted application cannot be reopened again to upload additional invoices
  • all cards created in the application will be deleted and can no longer be accessed
  • all accounting settings will be closed for edits permanently

To delete an application, click the Delete button within a disabled application and click Confirm:

Screenshot (2).png

You can access the last version of the deleted application and its Change history with the Deleted filter in the Applications tab:

Screenshot (3).png

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