How does the card top-up work?

When you set up a subscription and choose a fixed budget, you decide the maximum limit you want this subscription to have.

The card for that subscription will not exceed more than the limit set, e.g. 40 GBP.


In the example above, as the next payment is next month (02/02/2022), the card balance is 0 GBP. 

The card will be topped up with 40 GBP from the main account every 2nd day of the month, to allow payments to be made for this subscription. 

Additionally, if in a given month you have only spent 30 GBP and the remaining balance of the card is 10 GBP, then the next top-up (the following month) will be 30 GBP. The limit on the card will still remain at 40 GBP.

If you are using a soft card, the funds are taken directly from the main account. However, you should fill in the expected budget amount and


To optimize the funds that you have on your Cledara account, set the top-up date the day before you are charged for the subscription. This way, you will avoid committing funds to specific cards earlier than needed.

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