Cledara cards

Cledara cards are virtual debit cards powered by Mastercard or Visa.

A virtual debit card is a debit card that is issued and usable without a corresponding physical plastic card. It can be used to purchase goods or services in the same way wherever Mastercard or Visa is accepted online.

Cledara virtual cards are like regular cards, you just won't be able to lose them under the office drawer or have them stolen from your wallet, because your card details can only be accessed securely through the Cledara platform.

Once the card is generated, the virtual card is activated and ready to use immediately. 

Why virtual cards?

As most SaaS is paid for online, Cledara operates exclusively with virtual cards and does not issue plastic cards. 

Why debit cards?

Cledara provides debit cards, rather than prepaid ones, as we see that many more merchants accept debit cards, which means you can use your Cledara cards in more places.

The cost of card issuance is included in your plan, which means issuing a card does not incur any additional costs.

Do Cledara cards work in other currencies?

Yes, you can pay with your Cledara cards in most currencies supported by Mastercard or Visa. 

In addition, Cledara does not charge any additional conversion fees. Any payment made with a Cledara card in a foreign currency will be converted at the Mastercard or Visa rate with no markup.

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