Payment exceeds budget

If your payment exceeds the budget set within Cledara, you can expect different behaviours based on the budget type of the application.

If the application is set with a fixed budget

The payment will be declined if it exceeds the budget.

If Budget flexibility is enabled and the payment amount sits within your preset range, we will top up your card automatically to match the requested payment amount.

When your merchant tries to charge again, your card will have exactly the right amount this time for the payment to go through.

If manual review is necessary, Admin, the Application Owner, or the Team managers can adjust the budget amount and application amount, respecting the Approval flows you have in place.

If the application is set with a soft budget

The payment will go through as long as you have sufficient Available balance.

Once a day, we send you a summary email of all the successful payments that have exceeded their soft budget.

If you do not have enough Available balance to make the payment:

  • Check if there are funds committed on cards for payments that will not happen soon. You could free up the money by flushing the funds out to the Available balance.
  • Top up the account.
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