Why did my payment fail?

If your card does not have enough funds for a payment, you will receive an email notification (unless you deactivate the option) as well as a notification within the platform.


If you need more details, you can click on one of the failed payments and you will be shown further details on the decline reason:


But why has that happened?

You might not have enough funds in your Cledara account to top the card up

If you don’t have enough funds in your Cledara account, you should top it up. Then it will be possible to pull enough funds to the card for the payment.

The budget set might not be enough to cover the cost of the subscription

If you had set a budget that wasn’t enough to cover the regular amount of the subscription, amend the budget so that future payments won’t be declined. The merchant will most likely try to charge you again in some hours and the payment will go through upon the new budget is set.

The charge attempted by the merchant might be higher than both the budget set and the budget flexibility set

If the charge that was attempted was higher than the budget set, and it also exceeded the room for leverage set with the budget flexibility featured (if used), you can review the charge that was attempted. Then, you can decide to pull enough funds into the card to settle the bill or reach out to the merchant to inquire about the higher than expected cost.

You might have been charged before the card was topped up

If your budget set is higher than the payment, and you have sufficient funds on the card, it is possible that the card was charged before it was topped up. In this case, you could set the Next top up date one day before the expected payment date.


Resolving your failed transactions

Here's a step-by-step guide to resolve your failed transactions in Cledara:

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