Set the budget for applications

When you are setting up the budget for a new application, set the budget amount and the payment frequency to weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly for your bookkeeping reference.

If you would like to pay for the subscription with a Cledara virtual card, select Add a virtual card to this application.

In this case, the payment frequency will determine how often the card is topped up, and to control your spending, you can choose between a fixed card or a soft card.

Fixed cards Soft cards

The budget amount you have set will be the maximum amount you allow that merchant to take from your Cledara virtual card.

If this amount is exceeded and the payment is declined, you will receive a notification.

If your subscription fee varies every month, our Budget flexibility will be able to help.

You can edit the budget type at any time, even after using the card, to adjust the payment limit and frequency.

Whenever you switch the budget type, a new card will be issued. You will need to update the card details on your provider's page for future payments to go through.

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