Make one-off payments

For non-recurring payments, most of our customers find it useful to create a thematic application with an associated card.

This is because when every payment falls into the correct team and application, you will have:

  • a designated card created specifically for the vendor or purpose
  • better visibility on your spending
  • more control over your budget

Case study

Say you have several one-off payments to make for a business trip. You might want to create a Travel Expenses application to manage your flights and accommodation payments.

This way, you will be able to set the budget limit, team, and tags like you would for regular subscriptions, and the payments will be reflected correctly in the Spend breakdown analytics.

You could keep this Travel Expenses application for future business trips, or disable it once you are done.

Set it up like a pro

For multiple payments between top-ups, remember to disable the automatic flush so that you have money on the card after the first payment.

Also, depending on how much funds you want to commit on the card, tweak the budget amount and top-up frequency to maximise your available balance.

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