Make one-off payments

For non-recurring payments, most of our customers find it useful to create a thematic application with an associated card.

This is because when every payment falls into the correct team and application, you will have:

  • a designated card created specifically for the vendor or purpose
  • better visibility on your spending
  • more control over your budget

Case study

Say you have several one-off payments to make for an upcoming event. You might want to create a separate application to group together all your expenses on ads, event management and design tools that you use just for this particular project.

This way, you will be able to set the budget limit, team, and tags like you would for regular subscriptions, and the payments will be reflected correctly in the Spend breakdown analytics.

You can also create supplementary cards for various users to make sure the total spending on this event does not exceed your fixed budget.

Once the event is over, you can disable the application and cards, or even delete them permanently and move on to your next project.

Pause top-up

For non-recurring payments, you can stop the application balance from reloading on its own by clicking More actions > Pause top-up:

Screenshot (4).png

Whilst Cledara is the platform to manage your SaaS needs and payments, you might want to put through some non-software business expenses occasionally. Given that this is not what Cledara is designed for, these payment experiences might be different from your recurring software payments.

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