20% safety buffer

You may already know that you can pay in a currency that is different than that of your Cledara account. 

In other words, even if you have a GBP account, you can still pay for SaaS that is billed in, say, USD.

When you set up a card to pay in a foreign currency, you will see an option to increase the budget by 20% as a safety buffer. This is to make sure that the payment will go through despite the potential fluctuation of the exchange rate over time.

Case Study

Say in your GBP account, you have to pay for an app in USD, and in this case, the subscription costs $200.


As you scroll down, you will see a 20% safety buffer automatically applied. This converted amount includes a 20% markup, so that even if the conversion rate fluctuates largely, your payment will still go through.

Screenshot (1).png

You can uncheck the option to see the converted amount without the markup: 

Screenshot (2).png

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