Flush committed funds manually

Flushing a card involves transferring any funds allocated to a specific card in an application to the Available balance, the main pool.

This feature comes in handy when your Available balance is insufficient because funds are tied up in committed on cards and you need to free up the money. 

Flush all funds out of the card

To empty a card balance completely, go to the application in question, and click on More actions > Flush money, and the entire balance on the card will move to the Available balance.

Screenshot (3).png

Flush partial funds out of the card

If you do not want to transfer the entire card balance, you can choose to move a specific amount of funds from the card balance to the Available balance. To do so, scroll down to Budget details and click on Edit.


You can then manually enter the desired amount in the Application Balance field, and the remaining funds will be transferred to the Available balance.

Screenshot (2).png


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