Use Engage to see SaaS usage

Cledara Engage turns timestamps and names of software and users into valuable insights that will help you evaluate the software that you currently subscribe to.

To do so, we organize the surveyed data into 3 tabs to offer analysis from different angles: 

Providers Users Informal SaaS

In this tab, you get an overview of SaaS usage for every application that you have on Cledara.

You will be able to see whether the applications are actively accessed by your team, and how many users in the team are using each app.


  • If the status icon is greenScreenshot_2022-04-07_at_16.06.29.png, that means the app has been accessed in the last 30 days.
  • If the status icon is redScreenshot_2022-04-07_at_16.06.07.png, that means the last time the app was accessed was more than 30 days ago.
  • If the status icon is greyScreenshot_2022-04-07_at_16.06.19.png, that means we have not received any data from the sites. This could happen if users access a downloaded software instead of using it via their browser.

When you click on an application, you will be able to see more information about the app itself, including what it is for, the amount you have spent in the current month, and the annual budget set for this app.


Furthermore, you will have a list of users who have accessed the app, and how much they have visited the site in the past 30 days.


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