Reveal informal SaaS

Informal SaaS is available in our IT Management module.

When your team chooses their own tools without supervision, there are risks your company is exposed to.

With the Engage > Informal SaaS tab, you can see the usage of the software that hasn’t been added to your application stack in Cledara.


This reveals the software your team is using without having gone through the official authorisation flow.

With the Action button on the far right, you can add the application to your stack, add a comment, or dismiss the individual entry.

You can view the comment by hovering on the notes icon:

Screenshot 2024-01-25 at 14.38.11.png

By default, the list shows detected entries with Open status. To view the dismissed detected entries, you can click Filter results to adjust the status filter.

Screenshot (1).png

There, you will also be able to export the list for further analysis with your team.

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