How does Automatic invoice capture work?

Our Automatic invoice capture retrieves your SaaS invoices and matches them to the transactions you've made with Cledara, thus making them available in the platform with a single click.


How does Cledara get invoices from me?

Currently, you have two ways to get your invoices to Cledara:

What kind of invoices can Cledara retrieve?

Cledara is able to retrieve your SaaS invoices if they are sent as:

  • A PDF attachment via email
  • A link that leads to a PDF file
  • An invoice embedded in the email body

We cannot retrieve your invoice if login is required to access the file, as we do not have your login credentials.

What kind of invoices can Cledara match?

Cledara matches invoices to transactions that are related to:

  • SaaS
  • Social media ads
  • Cloud hosting

How long does it take for me to see the invoices in Cledara?

Cledara scans the inbox you have connected on a daily basis. Invoices that we've retrieved are then matched and uploaded once per day.

If you have received the invoice in the middle of the day, it might take another day or two before you can see it in Cledara.

Some invoices may take longer to be processed, depending on how much the information on the invoice matches that of the transaction. You can see the matching factors here.

Where can I find the invoices in Cledara?

In the transactions tab, you can check whether an invoice has been matched to a transaction: 


How do I upload invoices to Cledara myself?

For invoices that are out of the scope of our feature, you can upload them manually via My Tasks or the Payments tab.

If you are the Application Owner, head to My Tasks:


If you are an Admin or the Team Manager, head to the application's Payments tab:


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