Disconnect Cledara from a Google account

Each user on Cledara can connect one Gmail account to the automatic invoice-matching integration. 

If you have already connected one Gmail account to the Cledara integration, but you would like to connect another, you will first need to remove the account that is already connected.

You can do this from within your Google account:

  1. Open Gmail and click on your profile picture in the top-right corner.
  2. Click on Manage your Google Account.

    image 1.png

  3. Select Data and Privacy from the left-hand menu.
  4. Scroll to the section Data from apps and services you use.

    image 2.png

  5. Click the arrow beside Third-party apps with account access.

    image 3.png

  6. Once there, click on Cledara and press Remove Access.

You have now removed the Cledara app from this Google account, and you can go ahead and connect another Gmail account to Cledara!

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