Set up automatic invoice capture

You can integrate your Gmail and Microsoft Outlook inbox account with Cledara. This way, whenever your SaaS providers send you invoices via email, the files get automatically uploaded to the platform. No more nudges from the Finance team!

To activate the integration, go to Settings > Workspace Settings > Integrations and click on the inbox tool that your team uses:


Sign in with the email inbox where you receive invoices for your subscriptions. Once connected, Cledara will be scanning that inbox for SaaS invoices.

Each user can connect one inbox to Cledara. The integration works with accounts, but not mailing lists.

All SaaS invoices in your email account (as a PDF file or a link leading to a PDF file) that correspond to a payment made on Cledara will be automatically uploaded.

If your team does not use Gmail or Microsoft Outlook, or if your team has multiple workspaces in Cledara, please reach out to and we will provide you with a company-specific email address which you can forward all your SaaS invoices to, so you can still get the benefits of Cledara’s automatic invoice matching.

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