Resolve an Access request

If you are an Application Owner or Access Owner, you will receive an email notification as someone sends you a new request. You can then view and resolve the request in My Tasks:

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By clicking on View request , you can evaluate the request and take any of the following actions: 

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  • Approved: As the App Owner, you will have to visit the vendor website to grant access to or add a seat for your team member.

    If your team member needs a separate card for the application, you will have to create a supplementary card for them.

  • Declined: If you do not want to execute the request, or if it is not necessary to grant them access.
  • Later: If you do not want to take an action yet and would like to come back later.

After you've added a seat for your team member and clicked Approved, a popup window will appear for you to update the seat allocation of the tool:

Screenshot (5).png 

Once the request has been resolved, the requester will receive an email confirming the outcome. They will also see it in the Overview tab of that application.

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See it in action!

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