Send an Access request

Request Access is an in-app notification system you can use to ask for access, a seat, or a license to the software you need.

In Cledara, there are 2 places where you can send an Access request:

The Application Overview tab

To the right of the Overview tab within each application, you can find the Request access box to customise and send your request:

Screenshot (3).png

Once you've sent the request, you will see a timestamp of your request:

Screenshot (1).png

See the action in 30 seconds

The Onboarding tab

Alternatively, you can also send a request by starting an Access request workflow in the Onboarding tab.

This method is particularly useful when more than one person requires access to a tool, as you can send an Access request on others' behalf through this Onboarding workflow.

Meaning, not only can you ask for access to the tool for yourself, you can also ask the Application Owner to grant access to another person.

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