The Security tab

In Settings > Security, Admins can adjust the workspace-wide settings on how your users log into Cledara and how they complete the second-factor authentication when they sign in.

Login method

In the Login method section, you define how your users can access Cledara. Options include:

  • Any method
  • Only email + password
  • Only Google Sign-in
  • Only Okta SSO - only if available in plan and connected

Login 2FA method

In the Login 2FA method section, you define how your users have to authenticate on the 2FA prompt when accessing Cledara. Options include:

  • SMS code
  • Time-based one-time password (TOTP) via any authenticator app

When selected, TOTP is used only for logins. All other security features in the app still require authentication with SMS codes.

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