Set Compliance questions

To edit and customise your Compliance questionnaire, head to Compliance > Questions. There, questions are categorised into 5 sections:

  • Business case
  • Details of the product/service
  • Risk assessment
  • Contract review
  • Exit plan
    A conditional section that will only appear if you answer Yes to the question "Based on the risk assessment, above, is the product/service critical or important for your company?" in Risk assessment.

Finance users can only view the questions by searching and filtering, but Admin and Compliance users will be able to add new questions, edit them, and disable all default questions.

To set up questions

Add New question brings up a pop-up window to customise the questions and answers.

Index number Displayed question number Text Display if
The index number controls the order that the questions appear.

To set up answer types and options

Answer type Optional Label Placeholder Use score

You can specify the type of answer you expect respondents to input:

  • Date
  • File (supports file types jpeg, img, bmp, pdf)
  • Money amount (the currency is set to the default for the account)
  • Multiple choice
  • Number
  • Select
  • Text area (multiple lines)
  • Text box (single line)

If you need multiple answers for the same question, you can add additional answers by clicking the button:

And both answer fields will come under the same question:

To edit questions

Only Custom questions can be edited. While Default questions cannot be edited, they can be disabled.

If you want to design your Compliance questionnaire from scratch, you can also click the button at the top right of the tab.

To disable and delete questions

All questions can be disabled in your questionnaire, but only custom questions can be deleted irreversibly.

Questions that have the label  cannot be disabled since they are a pre-requisite of another question. You can find out which questions use them as a condition by clicking next to the label. 

When there is no active question in a section, that section will no longer be visible in the Compliance tab.

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