Certification tags

Every day, our dedicated team reviews the growing list of SaaS merchants to facilitate your procurement process and compliance review.

Certification tags offer insight on whether the vendors your team uses are SOC 2 Type II or ISO 27001 compliant.

Application Owners and Team Managers can find them in:

  • Add Application form
  • The Overview tab within each application
  • The Compliance tab within each application

Additionally, Admins, Finance, and Compliance users can find them in:

  • The Compliance management tab

Viewing Certification tags

Certification tags can either be Yes, No, or empty without any tags.

Screenshot 2023-11-15 at 17.52.52.png

When there are no tags available, it means that the service is pending to be reviewed, so there is no sufficient information to present.

Security certifications expire. While Cledara conducts regular reviews, please reach out to your SaaS vendors directly for the most updated information.

Editing Certification tags

If you have updated information on a SaaS product, you can edit the certification tags in Edit subscription details in the application page.

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