Choose what information to send to QuickBooks

Cledara's integration with QuickBooks simplifies your accounting process by automatically syncing bills, bill payments, and invoices to your QuickBooks account.

Once you've connected Cledara to your QuickBooks account, the QuickBooks settings tab will appear when you click into your applications:


There, the App Owner, Team Manager, Admins, and Finance users can determine what information to push to QuickBooks.

When you choose to push bills to QuickBooks, additional fields will appear for further customisation:

Screenshot (1).png

Bill payments and attachments (invoices uploaded to Cledara) will be pushed by default, but you have the option to disable them.

Once this form is completed and saved, any future transactions for this application will be pushed automatically to QuickBooks once they are settled.

Note that the bill payment will not be pushed if the transaction amount is zero.

Cannot find your vendors?

The dropdown lists are pulled directly from your QuickBooks account. If the vendor is in your QuickBooks account, but you do not see the vendor in the Cledara dropdown, refresh your browser tab so we can pull a fresh list from the integration.

You will not see your vendor if it is created in a currency different than your Application currency.

QuickBooks only accepts transactions that are in the same currency as the account. Even if your vendor charges you in a different currency, say USD, the money is still taken out of your Cledara account in either GBP or EUR, and therefore, you will have to create the vendor in GBP or EUR to push the transaction to your QuickBooks account. 

However, if you have a separate QuickBooks account in a different currency, and you have created the vendor in that account, you can choose to push the transactions there instead.

To do so, check the Push only transactions in a local currency box:

Screenshot (3).png

This will allow you to select the local vendor currency and the corresponding QuickBooks bank account we push the transactions to.

If the vendor changes the currency in which they charge you, we will not be able to push the transaction to the QuickBooks account you select. You will be notified when this happens.

How it will look in your QuickBooks account

In QuickBooks, the transaction will appear under Expenses as a Bill and Bill payment, and if you are pushing attachments to QuickBooks, the invoice uploaded to Cledara will come under the bill entry.


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