Integrate with QuickBooks

To prepare for your Cledara integration, first head to your QuickBooks account.

In QuickBooks

  1. Open the Settings panel at the top right of your screen to switch to Accountant view.


  2. On your left panel, select Accounting > Chart of accounts, and add a card to the chart of accounts.


  3. Click on New.


  4. Set Account Type as Cash at bank and in hand and Detail Type as you prefer. Give it a name and add a description (the description field is optional).

    Confirm the changes by making click on Save and Close.


  5. Your new account will now show in your Accounting.


Back in Cledara

Admins and Finance users can activate the integration by going to Settings > Integrations.

Click on Connect and follow the steps to log into QuickBooks. You will be then able to choose the Quickbook accounts you want to connect to.

Once connected, you will see the linked account(s) toggled on.


If you don’t use Xero or QuickBooks but want to export your transactions to another accountancy platform, check out this article to find out how we can help.


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