Automating Engage

Cledara Engage is exclusively built for SaaS and only looks for data matching our curated list of SaaS providers. You can see:

  • All the software subscriptions accessed by your team, even those that are unapproved.
  • How much your team is accessing these tools
  • Assess the value of keeping your current subscriptions and adding new ones

With this latest release, Cledara Engage can now provide you with instant insights into SaaS usage across your company without your team having to join your Cledara workspace.

Who can benefit from this?

  • Cledara customers who have the Spend Optimisation or IT management module
  • Customers who use Google workspace and can “force install” extensions

How do you turn it on?

  1. Auto Engage is automatically on when Engage is enabled. Admins can toggle it on and off in Settings > Preferences > Global Preferences:

  2. Deploy the extension to all users through Google Workspace. You can find the instructions here.
  3. Watch the data flow in.

This is magic! How does it work?

Auto Engage guides the right data to your workspace based on the Primary Contact's email domain.

If multiple domains are used across your team, please contact Support at who will verify your email domains and configure your Engage settings.

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