Request a transfer

Finance users, Team managers, and the application owner can request to make payments via Transfers.

  1. Head into Application > Overview, and switch the payment method from Virtual card to Transfer.


  2. Click Request transfer.
  3. Upload the invoice and fill in the payment details for your request. Note that:
    • An invoice is necessary for your Admin to approve your request.
    • You can only make same-currency transfers.


  4. Click Request transfer to send your request to the Admins.
  5. In the Payments tab, you will be able to see your request and its status:


  6. Admins will receive a notification about your request.

    If you are an Admin user, you can process the requests in My tasks or the Payments tab. Follow the steps here to make the transfer.
  7. Once your request is resolved by the Admin, you as the requester will receive an email notification.
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