Make a transfer

Admin users can approve or decline transfer requests in My Tasks or in the Payments tab within the application.

To make the transfers, you will have to:

  1. Select the beneficiary.

    If there is no beneficiary created for the application yet, you will have to add a new beneficiary by filling in the account information. A 2FA verification is needed to add a beneficiary.


  2. Cross-check the payment details with the invoice uploaded by your team, and adjust the payment amount and reference if necessary. It is useful to know that:
    • If the payment due is in the future, you can schedule the payment for a later date by checking the Schedule payment box.


    • The reference will be shown as the description of the payment under Transactions history.
  3. Review the beneficiary and transfer details.

    If all is well, click Make payment to proceed. A 2FA verification is needed to confirm the payment.

  4. In the Payments tab, you will be able to see your confirmed payment, be it Scheduled or In Progress:


    It is important to make sure you have enough funds to make the transfer on the set payment date. If we are not able to make the transfer within 3 days after the payment date, the scheduled payment will be deleted.
  5. Once the payment is sent successfully, you will see it under Transactions history:


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