Rewards accumulation and timeframe

From 22 Jan 2023 on, you can claim rewards on all SaaS expenses up to the price of your plan.

For example, if you are paying £200/month on our Premium plan, you can claim up to £200 worth of rewards until your plan renews and another invoice is settled. 

The points are available to claim from 30 days after the date of the transaction and they will expire after 12 months. During this timeframe, you can claim your points whenever you want, and however often you want.

In other words, with each SaaS payment made with your Cledara cards, you will be earning back the subscription fee you have paid. If you spend enough, you will have gotten back what you paid for Cledara.

If you earned fewer reward points than you could claim this month

The reward points you can claim are accumulative, which means that if you've redeemed only £150 worth of rewards this month, as your £300 plan renews, you can claim up to £450 worth of rewards the following month. 

If you earned more reward points than you could claim this month

Say you've earned £400 worth of rewards this month. You can redeem the £300 you've earned, and it means you've used Cledara for free this month - great! You can redeem the extra £100 you earned as soon as your plan renews and the new invoice is settled.

If you are on a yearly plan

Yearly plans work exactly the same way as monthly plans. If you are on a £3000 yearly subscription starting Jan 2023, you can claim up to £3000 worth of rewards until Jan 2024, when your next invoice is settled.

Once again, you can redeem your rewards at any time throughout the year.

If you only have a EUR account

How your reward points are calculated remains unchanged: you receive 1 reward point for each €1 you spend, and every 100 reward points are converted into €1. You will be accumulating your reward points up to the equivalent of your £300 plan, which means you are getting back the worth of £300 in EUR.

If you use addons 

If you pay for an addon, say £50 for extra applications, you will be able to claim £50 worth of rewards more on top of the price of your plan.

What happens to your points accumulated before 23 Jan 2023

Rewards earned from transactions made before 22 Jan 2023 are your points and yours to keep.

You can claim them any time you want, but do keep in mind that they are subject to expiration 12 months after the date of the transaction.

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