Integrate with Xero

Cledara's integration with Xero simplifies your accounting process by automatically syncing bank statements, transactions, and invoices to your Xero account.

To know how it looks in your Xero account once it is set up, check out our Xero guide here:

Cledara & Xero

In Xero

  1. Head to Accounting > Bank Account > Add Bank Account and select Cledara. 

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  2. Follow the steps to select the account you'd like to connect.

In Cledara

Once that is complete, head to Settings > Integrations as an Admin or a Finance user in Cledara to activate the integration.

You need to have admin rights to Xero to set up the integration. If additionally you have the Adviser user role to make changes on and before a lock date, Cledara will be able to push transactions on and before the specified lock date.

  1. Click on Connect and follow the steps to log into Xero. You will be taken to Xero to login and verify your account. 

    Screenshot (5).png

  2. Once your Xero account is connected, you can click on the toggle to start the sync. If you have both EUR and GBP wallets, you can toggle them on and off separately.

  3. Once confirmed, you will see the linked account(s) toggled on. 

  4. And that's it! You can now customise what to push and where to push to in the Xero Settings under each application. Find more information here.



Why can't I see my existing Cledara bank feed in Xero?

We start pulling bank feeds since the day of your connection, so if you already had had transactions on Cledara before you connected to Xero, historical bank feeds before the integration are not pulled retroactively.

If I switch these Xero configuration, will the changes applied to previously pushed transactions?

They will not be applied to retroactively change what has been pushed. The new configuration will only be applied to new transactions from there on.


If you don’t use Xero, QuickBooks, or NetSuite but want to export your transactions to another accountancy platform, check out this article to find out how we can help.

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