Choose what information to send to Xero

Cledara's integration with Xero simplifies your accounting process by automatically syncing bank statements, transactions and invoices to your Xero account.

Before configuring your settings, you'll need to activate the integration. Check out here how easy it is to connect your Cledara account to Xero!

Once the integration is active, the App Owner, Team Manager, Admins, and Finance users can choose what information to push to Xero.

In Cledara, go to the Applications tab, then navigate to any application. Click Xero Settings and choose your preferred settings for every app you wish to push to Xero.

Push bank statements Push transactions Reconcile

Just as defined in Xero, a bank statement line is an individual transaction imported from your bank. Bank statement lines then make up an imported bank statement. You match statement lines with account transactions in Xero during the bank reconciliation process.

Push bank statements to Xero is to send the bank statement under the app (spend/receive amounts) to the Xero Cledara bank feed.

Whenever we register a change in your application's Xero settings, you have the option to push the transaction again with the updated information:


You can click Sync to push the individual transaction again to Xero, or click Sync all to push all transactions that have updated settings to your Xero account.

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