Keep track of your spending

Reports is available in our Premium and Pro plans.

The Reports tab surfaces your team's historical spend and sorts it by Team, Category, and Tag in graphs and tables.

Admins and Finance users can access this tab on the left panel and can export the information in CSV.

No matter if the application is active, disabled, or deleted, all pending and settled payments are included in the tables.


By Team By Category By Tag

Click on Screenshot__7_.png to expand the list of applications that are assigned to each team:

Click on the team name to access the team profile for the member list and full stack.

Why are there negative values?

In the spend tables, money spends are shown in positive values, while refunds are shown in negative values.

What happens if an application is assigned to multiple teams?

If you have an app with several teams assigned, by default, we allocate 100% of the spend to the first assigned team.

For example, your Airmeet application is assigned to Marketing and Success. Airmeet’s spend will be added to Marketing’s Historical spend graph, but not to Success.

That said, Admins, the Application Owner, and the Team Manager can assign the percentage under Budget allocation, which can be found in either Budget details or Subscription details in each subscription's Overview tab:


Heads up! If an app has multiple tags assigned, 100% of the spend will be added to each tag, meaning the same spend will be displayed across the table multiple times.

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