Manage multiple Cledara workspaces

If you see the value of Cledara and believe that another team you manage can benefit from adding Cledara to their stack, why not open a new workspace for them?

If the other team you manage belongs to a separate business entity, you will need to create a separate workspace for it to ensure clean and compliant accounting. 

Each workspace is tied to their own Cledara plan, so you can choose different plans for each workspace according to their needs. All applications, teams, and users are kept completely separate. 

Create a new workspace

Should you wish to create another workspace, this can be done by selecting the drop-down arrow on the top left of the page next to your company's name. There, select Screenshot__4_.png

You will then be taken to the signup flow where you can enter all your company's required information before submitting the application for the team to conduct the necessary checks.

Users can be invited to multiple workspaces under the same email address. Once joined, these users will be easily able to switch between the accounts by selecting the drop-down arrow again on the top left of the page:


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