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Being an Application Owner on Cledara comes with certain responsibilities - your colleague from finance is relying on you to get those invoices in on time!

My Tasks is here to help you.


From all the applications you own, transactions that still do not have an invoice will appear under Missing invoices.

On this page, you can easily upload the invoices by matching the application name, transaction date, and amount. 

In scenarios where an invoice cannot be provided, you can also resolve the invoice reminders by selecting a reason in the Resolve dropdown:

Already uploaded
Useful for separate payments that are invoiced together, and the invoice has already been uploaded under another payment.
Unable to find invoice
Use when you are unable to find the invoice, but would like to resolve the reminder nonetheless.
N/A - card validation
Use when the merchant does not issue invoices for payments that are used for card validation.
N/A - refund
Use when the payment has been refunded and the invoice is no longer valid or needed.
N/A - other
Useful when the reason is not any of the above.

These reasons can then be seen inside each payment in the Payments tab in each application. For example:


Make your Finance team happy in 30 seconds

Automatic invoice capture

Manually uploading invoices could take up a lot of time. Oh, we know.

Luckily, Cledara provides email integrations that automatically capture emails with SaaS invoices attached from your inbox, and push the invoices to the platform. 

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