Benchmarks is available in our Plus and Pro plan.

The cost of software should be fair and transparent. Now Cledara helps you pay a fair price.

With Benchmarks, you can see how much you’re paying for a tool compared to other companies who use the same vendor. This allows you to know if you’re paying a fair price for your applications and provides you with tools to negotiate a better price.

How does this work?

Admins, Finance users and Application Owners can view Benchmarks for 100+ of the most popular tools. We also show you 25th and 75th percentile of spend for that service to help you gauge where you stand.

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Calculations are based either on actual spend, if we detect that your budget frequency accurately matches your actual payment cycle, or on the budget amount.

What’s coming?

We’re extremely excited about this feature and its potential to bring actionable insights to every Cledara customer.

Your spend is compared to all Cledara customers, but soon, you’ll be able to compare to companies with a similar profile to yours.

As we look to improve this feature and offer more in the procurement and negotiation space, please reach out to us with any feedback at or through your Success Manager.

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