Integrate with Okta

Your Okta Integration will support the following features:

  • SSO from Cledara
  • SSO with IdP


Before you start

To set up Okta integration, you will need:

  • to be an Admin user in Cledara
  • to have administration rights for the Cledara App in Okta
  • Client ID
  • Client secret
  • an Okta issuer server in the form of https://{yourOktaDomain}

To get the above Cledara app data:

  1. Go to Okta dashboard > Applications and then select the Applications in the drop-down.
  2. Click on Browse App Catalog and search for Cledara to add the application.
  3. In the Sign On tab, you can find the Client ID, secret, as well as your Open ID Provider Metadata.


Once you have everything ready

  1. As an Admin user, sign in to Cledara and navigate Settings > Integrations > Okta. Click Connect to start the integration.


  2. Fill in the Cledara app data from your Okta account and click Confirm:


  3. Your Okta integration is now set up!


Log in with Okta

From Okta dashboard

Once your Okta integration is set up and you've assigned users from your organisation to the Cledara app in Okta, your users will be able to launch Cledara directly from their Okta dashboard.

From Cledara login page

Alternatively, they can also log in directly in the Cledara app via Okta SSO by clicking Sign in with Okta:


Your users will simply need to enter your Okta domain:


If they are already logged into Okta, this will verify the domain and take them directly to your Cledara workspace. Otherwise, they will be redirected to Okta to log in first.

Heads up! When users log into Cledara via Okta for the first time, they will receive a link in an email to verify their access. This security action has to be taken only once.

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