How to refer Cledara to a friend

Referring Cledara to a friend is easy. You have two ways of doing so:

What perks do I get?

  • 25 extra Cledara applications: Enjoy 25 additional applications in your Cledara account - No upgrade necessary.
  • Two free tickets to SaaStock Barcelona. Access Europe’s most prestigious SaaS conference. Connect with your peers, learn from experts, build your network… and bring a friend!
  • Access to Cledara’s Founders Webinar Series. An exclusive quarterly chat with Cledara founders Brad and Cristina on topics ranging from strategy, company vision, product roadmap, Cledara insights, and more.

Refer a friend


How can I redeem my perks?

You can redeem all your perks once your referred friend signs up for Cledara. Once that takes place, we’ll grant you your incentives, including your 25 extra Cledara applications (valued at £600 a year).

How do I know when my friend has signed up?
We’ll notify you straight away.
What conditions must my referrals complete?
Your referrals must be real businesses with +15 employees and a need to use Cledara
Will my friend receive perks too?
If your friend signs up in the space of seven days after being referred, they can opt for a four-week free trial.
What happens if my referral cancels their Cledara account?
As long as your referral met our initial requirements, we’ll be very sad to see them go but you won’t be affected.
Is there a limit to the number of people I can refer to or how many perks I can earn?
There is no limit to the number of people or perks you can earn. After your first referrals, you’ll enter our quarterly referral contest, which will grant you an undisclosed price to its winner.
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