How does invoice matching work?

Our invoice matching system links the invoice to the transaction that was made with Cledara and makes it available in the application with a single click.

Cledara is able to retrieve the invoices for the merchants that send them; via email, attached as a PDF file or as a link that leads you to a PDF file. Note that, if the invoice is attached to the email via a link that requires the user to log in to retrieve the invoice, Cledara is not able to get that invoice for you, as we do not have those credentials.

Currently, you have two ways to get your invoices to Cledara:

  • Forward them to a company-specific email address for Cledara to automatically match them. 
  • Connect your email account with Cledara.

Cledara syncs with the inbox you have integrated it with on a daily basis. Therefore, the invoices are uploaded and matched once per day. Thus, if you have received the invoice during the day of today, it is best to wait another day or two before chasing the invoice by yourself. That is because some invoices may take longer to be processed but will eventually be. 

Please also note, that the Cledara matching feature is only available for SaaS invoices. We are able to match those invoices only when the date, amount and the application name is matching the information in Cledara

In the transactions tab, you can check whether an invoice has been matched to a transaction: 


Additionally, you always have the option of uploading the invoice manually. Just go to the "Payments" tab in the application within Cledara and use the "Upload" button.


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