Make changes to an application

If you need to change the details of an application or the budget you will have to go to the “Applications” tab and then select the application in question.

Within the application, you can use the “Edit” button to change the subscription details (such as the name, owner, team it is assigned to, tag, website and reason).

Once satisfied confirm the changes by pressing “Save changes”.

If you need to amend the budget set for the subscription it is as easy as changing the details. Let’s see it.

Once within the application page, scroll down to the “Budget details” section and use the “Edit” button.  


You can now change the budget amount, the budget type, the frequency of the allocation, the next top-up date and activate or deactivate the budget flexibility option as well as the automatic flush feature.

Once satisfied, save the changes and it will automatically be applied.

Do note that if approval flow is activated only the changes that the managers and admins make will automatically apply. Otherwise, the requested changes will be sent for review to the team manager and admins.  

As you request and approve these changes, you can check the history of requests and changes that the application has gone through in the “Change history” tab within the application:

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