Create and manage teams

Over time, more and more users will join your Cledara account.

Cledara is designed to help your business as you scale. With Cledara, you can add users and organize them into teams. 

In Settings > Workspace Settings > Teams, Admins can add a new team by clicking Create team.

Within each team, you can add users to the team and set them as members and managers with Assign members. 


This will allow you to easily set up approval flows later on.

In your Team's page

Team members shows the full list of users and their roles in the team.

Team stack shows all applications that your team has.

Historical spend shows your team's total spend through Cledara over the last 12 months, broken down by applications.

In the Dashboard

You will be able to check the Spend breakdown by teams and have better visibility on how you’re spending your resources.  

Watch the video below to learn more about how to create and assign teams and team members:

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