How do I know if my documents are valid?

Are you in the midst of signing up? Or maybe planning ahead and getting your documentation ready for the signup?

We know it could be a hassle gathering the necessary documents.

Here are some quick and easy tips that will make your account opening smooth and breezy:

Company documents

We look for documents from official databases that shows us:

  1. basic company info
  2. list of executive directors
  3. main shareholders that hold more than 25% of the shares directly or indirectly

Depending on your country of incorporation, you might be able to find the above information in:

  • extracts from the national company register and UBO register
  • annual returns of your company
  • confirmation statements of your company

Kindly send us the most recent copy of the documents, preferrably those that are published within the past year so we can work on the most updated information of your company.

If documents from official databases are not available, we also accept the following documentation that are verified by an external accountant or lawyer.

  • capitalisation tables
  • organisation charts

We rely on the signature of an independent lawyer or signature to authenticate the information of the self-reporting documents.

Identification documents

Passport photo page or front and back of National ID that:

  • are not expired
  • are eligible and not too blurry
  • have all 4 corners visible
  • have minimal glare or shadows
  • have all information shown

All information is collected for review purposes only and will remain confidential.

Proof of address

Any utility bills or bank statements that are:

  • issued to the individual
  • dated in the last 90 days

Unfortunately, we do not accept health cards or identity cards as proof of address.

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